2 years ago

U.S. Bottoms in Colombia Rattle the Location

About the shores of the Magdalena Water, in a luxurious green area dotted with cattle ranches and farms, sits the Palanquero military platform, an outpost equipped with Colombia’s greatest runway, housing for 2,000 troops, a theater, a supermark read more...

2 years ago

A More Impressive Military Is not the Clear Answer to Terrorism

The hardship caused to the World Trade Center by the problems along with the Pentagon has given rise by many for a significant upsurge in the defense budget to your cry. For example, Lawrence Kudlow in National Review Online claims there is an “ read more...

2 years ago

The US Has 761 Military Bases Over The Planet, and We Simply Never Speak About It

AlterNet is resurfacing several of the greatest and most popular articles while the year concerns a detailed published in 2008. This September first, Tom Engelhardt's article about the spread of American military angles and worldwide empire, poste read more...

2 years ago

7 Super and Hidden, Distant -Geeky Military Bases

THE MILITARY DOES NOT constantly pick perfect property because of its facets. Often it enjoys peculiar, far-flung obscure and parts of the entire world — specially when it comes to its most geeky opportunities. Some are out-of-the-method exam si read more...

2 years ago

Why America’s Overseas Military Bases Should Shut

John Glaser is just a writer who addresses national safety along with a graduate student in Global Security at the Schar Faculty of Policy at George Mason University

They don't support our primary national interests

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